I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I specialize in theatrical, documentary and portrait photography. I feel fulfilled when photographing people but at the same time I feel longing for the passing time. I dedicate most of my time to photography.
In 2022 I won 3rd prize in the Theatrical Photography Competition in photo of the season category in Poland.
education: philosophy at University of Warsaw | political science at Collegium Civitas | workshop at Association of Polish Artists Photographers | workshop at International Center of Photography in New York | workshop with Camila Falquez and Josefina Santos at Delicia Studio in New York
selected institutions and clients: The Arnold Szyfman Polish Theater in Warsaw | The Gustaw Holoubek Dramatic Theater in Warsaw | The Stefan Jaracz Ateneum Theater in Warsaw | The Polish Royal Opera | The 6th Floor Theater | Komuna/Warszawa Theater | Millennium Docs Against Gravity | LGBT Film Festival | RMF FM | RMF Classic | Marginesy Publishing House | Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art
exhibitions: Association of Polish Artists Photographers exhibition - Warsaw 2013 | LGBT Film Festival exhibition - Warsaw 2022 | Queer Europe Photo exhibition - Novi Sad and Belgrade 2022 | Finalists and winners of the 8th Theater Photography Competition exhibition - Warsaw, Wroclaw, Cracow 2023
contact: karolinajozwiakphoto@gmail.com | +48 503 055 928