Theater... Drag Queens... Ballroom Scene...
I started photographing these three worlds almost two years ago. Being all the time sensitive to emotions of others I think a lot about myself as a photographer. Why I chose these worlds and which one is mine? For me taking pictures is being all the time on the edge of two worlds. Participate in reality and at the same time be its guest. Giving so much attention and receiving so much trust. Showing emotions of others but in the same time revealing your own soul. Being honest with yourself to find the answer.
This project is about sadness and joy in my life. About being always in between, in this melted area.
At this point of my life I am looking for this transformation, transition from one world to another. This crossing is a safe place for me. I feel like home in this specific moment...

This empty dress is for my friend Katarzyna Cackowska. She died in 2021 due to covid vaccine complications and medical negligence. She was a high school teacher. She had a lot of love for life and great potential to change young people's lives.

Suicide is the leading cause of child deaths in Poland, more than cancer or road accidents. Nearly 70% of LGBTQ+ teenagers in Poland have suicidal thoughts.

I have a rare eye shape. I found out about this diagnosis a year ago. I shouldn't stay too long in dark places but I also have a rare skin disease and shouldn't stay too long in the sun.

I am part and whole at the same time. I am reflection of my loved ones. They all live in me. 

Lulla La Polaca is the oldest Polish Drag Queen. She is 85 years old.

At the beginning of Russia's aggression against Ukraine in 2022, polish theaters became shelters for people from Ukraine.

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